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Papu is finlandese brand design by Anna Kurkela and Hanna-Riikka Heikkilä. They both developp a funny, colorfull eco brand since 2012. The very strong philosophy of Papu is to make the world a better place by choosing to work in an ethic way. Papu is all made with care in EU mostly in Portugal and in Finland, and designed in Finland. All items are made in organic cotton certified Gotts imported from Turkey.

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  • PAPU- Hoodie Sweat Havumoi PAPU-Hoodie Sweat Havumoi

    Grey hoodie sweatshirt. Fixed hoodie. Long raglan sleeves. 100% organic cotton gotts

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    58,00 €
    46,40 €


  • Papu-Body Papunen Papu-Body Papunen

    Ambar body with black brush strokes. Long sleeves with sweat wrist. 2 snap fasteners at crop. Round oval neck. 100% organic cotton Gotts certified.

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    32,00 €
    16,00 €


  • PAPU- Baggy Pants PAPU-Baggy Pants

    Black baggy pants. Elastics and ribbon at waist. Seam at middle calfs. for a more baggy effect. 100% organic cotton gotts

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    45,00 €
    33,75 €


  • PAPU- Hymy Shirt PAPU-Hymy Shirt

    Papu: Long sleeves tee black tee-shirt. A smiling face is brushed. Round neck.  100% organic cotton gotts

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    43,00 €
    27,95 €


  • PAPU- Leggings Paikka PAPU-Leggings Paikka

    Brick legging with 2 semi circles around the knees. Elastics at waist. 100% organic cotton gotts

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    29,00 €
    18,85 €


  • PAPU- Murkku Shirt PAPU-Murkku Shirt

    Papu: Long sleeves tee-shirt. Amber color. With sympathetic and giants hants. Long ragglan sleeves. Round neck.  100% organic cotton gotts

    Reduced price!

    35,00 €
    22,75 €